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Replenish Iv Solutions is Tampa’s Premier IV Therapy Provider.
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Replenish IV Solutions


 In 2014 Lisa and Stephen Gunnin set out to launch Replenish IV Solutions with the goal of giving clients an alternative, safe, in addition to an affordable way of getting up to their peak health. Health and caring has always been a part of their life. Lisa having a background in business, finance, and being a mother and Stephen having had a background of being a Fire Medic for 10+ years. Stephen had also been the director of fire science program, as well as an educational leader in the department as a field training officer. They set out to share their knowledge and experience in a field they feel so passionate about.


Why do I need IV infusions?


Did you know that when you take your daily vitamin, your body is only absorbing about 10-20% of it? As a result you are only getting 1/4 of the benefits from your vitamin. With IV therapy you will receive 100% of everything given and most importantly the benefits by administering into the bloodstream. With personalized blends of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and other compounds, we have a variety of treatments for your lifestyle.

Are you the avid athlete?  Did the party last night get out of hand? Feeling like your coming down with the flu?

Of course we got your back!

Through the years, Replenish IV Solutions has set out to keep our clients feeling their best. After serving Tampa Bay out of our South Tampa location for the past 5 years, we have opened our second location in Carrollwood. So let us help you get back to feeling your best and come see why we are certainly the best at what we do.



Isn’t it time you felt revived, refreshed, and at your best?