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Hey Dads, Treat Yourself This Father’s Day

Being a parent is tough these days. That statement has been made time and time again, across generations, decades, communities, and countries. And it’s as true today as it was a hundred years ago. But while history has primarily looked at moms when studying the parent-child relationship, recent history and studies show that dad have their journey through parenthood.

The science is in, and it shows that men are almost literally built to be fathers. No, dads don’t go through the same transformation as moms, but they do have their own journey, including hormonal and body changes.

And let’s face it, fatherhood changes almost every man instantaneously. As pointed out on this post from the All Pro Dad, becoming a father changed him in very specific ways. From watching less TV and making a big deal out of little things to being thankful and looking at life differently, every dad goes through their own adventure throughout the course of fatherhood.

And since each dad has their own journey, we wanted to reach out to some of Tampa Bay’s fathers to learn more about their adventure in being a father and honor this for Father’s Day this year.

Meet Greg:

Greg is a friend of the Replenish IV family, and a Tampa Bay dad to amazing sons Brettley, Emerson, and Finely. In case you were wondering, Brettley is the one with the fire hose below, so you know Greg has his hands full.

According to Greg, “being a father has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.” But, like any father of three energetic boys, he added, “I need a break because three boys is fun and raising them is so rewarding, but can be exhausting.”

Meet Kevin:

Kevin is another friend of the Replenish IV family, and we want to thank him and his son Oliver for being a part of our community. As you can see, Kevin and Oliver have a very special relationship, which is one that Kevin cherishes.

“Being a father has made me a more patient and kind man. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home and seeing my sons face light up with joy,” said Kevin.

But again, like most dads, selfcare is sometimes and afterthought for Kevin.

“I could definitely use a break! I make sure I am very attentive to my family and their needs that I forget to truly care for myself sometimes. A break is a reminder that it’s okay to focus on my needs too,” he added.

Hey Dads, Treat Yourself This Father’s Day

Mom and dad BOTH deserve a well-earned break. But, since Father’s Day is coming up, we’re focusing on dad for now (we’ll get back to you soon mom).

As we’ve discussed, being a dad is exhausting, along with rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling. But yes, it’s exhausting.

A Huffington Post article – Why Dads Deserve A Break Sometimes. No, Actually, A Real One – points out that:

“Being a parent is lovely. It’s wonderful to meet and get to know the tiny people you’ve made, but it’s also extremely tiring – especially when those tiny people have been awarded, as our sons have, an excess of personality.”

So, this Father’s Day we’re encouraging all the dads across Tampa Bay, and beyond, to take some time to recharge and practice some self-care. That’s why Replenish has several promotions throughout June that celebrate the men and fathers throughout the Tampa Bay community, including:

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