Getting The Skinny On Iv Therapy For Weight Loss 04 Jan, 2018

3 Ways IV vitamin infusions can help you reach your goal weight

Since you were in grade school, you’ve always wanted it all. The dream career. The beautiful bae, a happy family, the whole deal. You’ve always been an overachiever and nothing has ever come in your way of reaching your personal goals. You’re a beast!

However, a lot of hard work that you put in on a daily basis can leave you feeling drained, and depleted of energy. Years of this kind of lifestyle, coupled with the natural forces of getting older, can have an impact on your waistline, too.

If this sounds familiar and you’re ready to make a change, read the skinny on three ways that IV vitamin therapy can help you lose weight.

IV vitamin therapy reinvigorates your energy levels

Losing weight is not exactly rocket science. Work out hard, and eat less, right? While this sounds fine in theory, it can leave people feeling more tired than usual. IV vitamin drips, like Replenish IV Solutions’ Super Amino Drip, or Game Changer Drip, contain essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, Sodium Bicarbonate, calcium gluconate, magnesium chloride, and other electrolytes to help invigorate the body and mind.

IV vitamin infusions aid in muscle recovery

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when starting a new workout regime, or intensifying your own, is the soreness experienced during the time it takes your body to recover. Your IV therapy administrator will be able to give you a customized IV infusion that will restore essential vitamins and nutrients to help your muscle tissues repair. Not only that but rehydrating your body after an intense workout will help you recover more rapidly – meaning you can hit the gym again much sooner! Start seeing results more quickly by integrating a specially tailored IV vitamin therapy program alongside your diet and workout plans for maximum results.

IV therapy fights adrenal fatigue

The downside to being a badass in the game of life is that it can often lead to chronic fatigue, the kind that no amount of sleep can shake away for long. Modern life, as exciting as it, can be exhausting and can cause adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is a form of chronic tiredness that often is found with brain fog, dizziness, and difficulty losing weight. Vitamin IV therapy is a solution for high-performance individuals who need an adrenal boost to give them the extra energy to shed excess weight.

There are several factors that make losing weight very hard for many people to overcome. In today’s world, people juggle dozens of responsibilities such as a demanding career, taking care of a family, and having a social life.

As we venture into a new year full of promise and exciting changes, one of the most common and challenging goals that many individuals face is losing weight. Don’t let that happen; you have what it takes to achieve your goals this year. To learn more about starting a healthy IV vitamin weight loss therapy program, contact the team at Replenish IV Solutions at (813) 992-7487 and Book your first session today!