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When you're sick, distressed, dehydrated, or just exhausted…the last thing you want is to travel. Then, one of our highly trained professionals will hook you up to a specially formulated I.V. to relieve the condition you're suffering from, or deliver the wellness treatment you desire. Relax and recuperate in the comfort of your home, private office or hotel room.


 Mobile IV in Tampa

Enhance Wellness Without Ever Leaving Home


IV therapy is a wonderful way to enhance your lifestyle for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’re in need of a hangover IV to get back on track or require regular IV drips due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies, an IV therapy treatment can be the perfect fix. We understand life gets busy though and it’s not always opportune to drive to an IV therapy clinic. There is an endless list of reasons you might not be able to get to a clinic. We understand how days and just fly by, especially with a career and family! Our philosophy is that life’s hurdles should not come in the way of your overall well-being.

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At Replenish IV Solutions we’re mindful of such situations, that’s why we offer our concierge service for all IV therapy treatments. Now you can get your hangover IV at home! Or indulge in the Meyers Cocktail IV drip in your hotel! We’ll come to you to ensure your IV therapy treatments and enhanced wellness aren’t held back by the mileage to our facility. If you’ve ever wondered if you can get your IV fluids at home, Replenish IV has the solution! All Replenish IVs are available wherever you are in the Tampa Bay Area, making IV therapy service more convenient than ever.

Concierge IV Therapy Service for Enhanced Wellness

Whether you’re unable to leave because you have little ones in the house, handicapped, or bedridden from illness, we are here to help with mobile IV therapy service. If you’re visiting family or here on vacation, there’s no better medspa to call for IV therapy. We’re known for hotel room IV treatments, energy boosting IV drips, IV hydration therapy, fat burning IVs, group IV therapy sessions, special event IV drips, and many other wellness treatments in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are.

An IV infusion could make your trip to Tampa, FL the best beach trip ever, so contact Replenish IV Solutions today! Mobile IV treatments do incur a concierge fee of $50*. All Replenish IV drips are available for concierge service. When you book online click ‘We’ll come to you’ instead of choosing one of our locations. Call us if you have any questions about the service area.

*$50 concierge fee is for up to 15 miles from our location on Gandy Blvd. Between 16 and 25 miles from our location incurs a $75 concierge fee, anything outside 25 miles requires calling for a custom quote.


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