Diagnostic Screening

Diagnostic Screening Panels Help Determine Your Most Pressing Needs


Our bodies are made up of multiple systems that all perform very complex tasks in synchrony to provide our overall normal functionality. Many people try to maintain harmony within their bodies with oral supplements and regimented diet, but it’s not always enough. Truly understanding your body’s individual needs with screening tests is highly advised to maintain optimal synchrony between all the organs and body systems. This may very well provide the info needed to find an IV therapy treatment best for your system’s needs.

At Replenish IV Solutions we value the importance of diagnostic screening panels. That’s why we are now offering diagnostic screenings to help you comprehend your body’s needs and what it may be lacking. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure a relaxed diagnostic screening session. To give you the most comprehensive approach to your wellness regimen, screening tests are available on-site. By diagnosing any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies you may have we can better assess what treatments are best for your individual needs. The screening could result in a life changing breakthrough for your overall well-being. Contact us today to book your diagnostic screening.