IV Therapy

We Have The IV Solutions To Fit Your Lifestyle Needs

Your body naturally requires a minimum level of fluids and vital nutrients to maintain optimal mental and physical performance. However, many people do not receive enough of these through their diet or are naturally deficient in vitamins. As a result, they experience a plethora of unfortunate symptoms. You can sustain balance to your health with high doses of essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes introduced via intravenous therapies.

The science behind these treatments is the fluids being delivered directly to your bloodstream, offering immediate results. Replenish IV Solutions can help safely and effectively get your body to peak performance with IV therapy services. Our menu ranges with every type of IV drip you may need, from anti-aging blends and immune system boosting IV drips, to athletic recovery IV drips and hangover IV therapy. We have a treatment for every type of symptom holding you back from living life to its fullest. Replenish is here to help restore, reinvigorate, and revive!

IV Drips:

Replenish’s Signature IV: Refresher IV Drip (Meyers Cocktail)

Developed by Dr. John Myers, this blend of vitamin and minerals, combined with electrolyte fluids, has been used for allergies, infections, and numerous medical conditions from chronic fatigue to migraines. This IV therapy treatment is our signature IV meant to truly replenish your body to optimal conditions.

45 mins $155.00 


Cancer Prevention IV Drip

Take preventive measures to avoid cancerous disease or aid with recovery from cancer post chemo-therapy treatment. This treatment utilizes super high doses of Vitamin C, interrupting the functions of cancerous cells and terminating cancerous cells. The Vitamin C levels for this treatment fluctuate based on whether it is for cancer prevention or post chemo treatment. Glutathione added based on an individual’s needs.

1 hr 30 mins $360.00 


Cell Regenerator IV Drip

Protect and repair your body from free radicals and oxidative stress with a blend of Biotin, Glutathione, and vitamins; repair at the core to promote an outward glow.

1 hr 15 mins $365.00 


Hydration Energy Boost IV Drip

To recover from drinking, try our hangover IV drip. Recharge your body and replenish what has been lost with Replenish’s hydrating IV drip. A liter of electrolyte fluid to rehydrate your body at its core and B-vitamins help convert food into fuel to keep your body running strong.

45 mins $125.00


Long Weekend IV Drip

Recover from a long weekend of drinking or trip. A liter of electrolyte fluid to rehydrate your body at its core and B-vitamins with added minerals and B-12. Includes add-ons if needed such as pain reliever (non-narcotic), nausea preventative, and acid reflux/heartburn relief.

1 hr $195.00


Weekend in Vegas IV Drip

Recover from the ultimate weekend or even a trip to Las Vegas. A liter of electrolyte fluid to rehydrate your body at its core and B-vitamins with added minerals, amino acids, and B-12. Includes add-ons if needed such as pain reliever (non-narcotic), nausea preventative, and acid reflux/heartburn relief.

1 hr 15 mins $295.00


Mega Energy Drip

Boost your energy to move mountains with this revitalizing IV drip. This IV treatment is for optimal energy levels when you know you have a pile of tasks to accomplish and feeling fatigued.

30 mins $235.00


Migraine/Muscle Spasm Drip

The perfect relief to migraines and muscle spasms. This proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals can curb even the most excruciating migraine symptoms and regular treatment will reduce muscle spasms.

45 mins $136.00


NAD – Niacin Concentrated IV Drip

Anti-aging compound of Niacin + B Vitamins. This IV drip helps to restore energy levels and curb depression, brain fog, and effects of substance abuse history. This IV drip provides treatment for a wide range of issues from PTSD to chronic stress. NAD therapy can help turn back time and restore cells.

5-6 hours (Call for Details on Pricing)


Ozone Treatment

This anti-aging IV drip utilizes the power of oxygen. This treatment increases the amount of oxygen in the body. The benefits of ozone IV therapy are boosted immune systems and detoxification.

30 mins $250.00


Revitalize IV Drip

Detoxify your body, boost your immune system and reduce inflammation with this powerful antioxidant rich IV drip only at Replenish IV Solutions.

1 hr 15 mins $265.00


Super Amino Drip

A Meyer’s Cocktail with added mineral mix and added amino acids. High concentration of Vitamin C and B-12. This is optimal for someone who is really trying to improve their immune system.

90 mins $381.00


Onset of Cold Drip

A lighter version of the Super Amino Drip, this treatment utilizes a high concentration of vitamin C to help as the symptoms begin to onset for a cold to prevent your body from experiencing the full, annoying experience of discomfort.

45 mins $289.00


Wellness IV Drip

A mega-dose of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals that boosts your immunity system to promote overall health and wellness. Protect from colds and other flu-like symptoms.

1 hr 15 mins $216.00



B12 Booster shots

15 mins $25.00


Glutathione Injection

15 mins $75.00


Lipo Amino Injection

15 mins $55.00


MIC Fatburner Injection

5 mins $25.00


HCG 40 day Injection

15 mins $300.00