The Perfect Solutions For Recovery & Gaining An Edge

For every type of athlete, it’s crucial to replenish what your body naturally loses through strenuous exercise in the intense Florida heat.

To ensure your body at its optimum performance for daily athletic activities, visit Replenish IV Solutions for an Athletic Performance IV Infusion. We recommend taking advantage of our proprietary version of the Myers Cocktail with the benefits added amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. This combination is perfect for muscle recovery and optimal athletic performance.

Book your appointment today! Having the benefits of a Myers Cocktail with added benefits of amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals. and vitamins, Perfect for recovery and optimum performance.

  • Super Imino drip

  • Detox drip

  • Performance drip

  • Game changer drip

  • The Body Builder 1000 ml drip

  • The Body Builder 500 ml drip

  • Blood excruciating

  • Ozone Treatment

  • Glutathione Injection

  • Alpha Lipoic Injection