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 Anti Aging

Combat the Signs and Appearance of Aging

Created ideally for rejuvenation and hydration. The vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants restore youthful appearance and cell regeneration, to help combat the symptoms associated with aging; such as, elasticity, weight gain, fatigue, illness, and overall appearance.


Anti aging Skin Detox Vitamin C

Alpha Lipoic Acid Glutathione Skin Lightning


Weight Loss

It’s Not Just Diet And Exercise…

For many people it’s not just a matter of diet and exercise to trim the waistline. Everyone has a different metabolism and burn fat at varying paces. Replenish IV Solutions offers IV therapy treatments such as our weight loss / energy drip to help break down fat deposits from the liver and increase metabolism with powerful antioxidants and vitamins. Book your appointment today!


Sports Performance

 For every type of athlete, it’s crucial to replenish what your body naturally loses through strenuous exercise in the intense Florida heat.

To ensure your body at its optimum performance for daily athletic activities, visit Replenish IV Solutions for an Athletic Performance IV Infusion. We recommend taking advantage of our proprietary version of the Myers Cocktail with the benefits added amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. This combination is perfect for muscle recovery and optimal athletic performance.

Super Imino drip, Detox drip, Performance drip, Game changer drip, The Body Builder 1000 ml drip, The Body Builder 500 ml drip, Blood excruciating, Ozone Treatment, Glutathione Injection, Alpha Lipoic Injection

Book your appointment today! Having the benefits of a Myers Cocktail with added benefits of amino acids, anti-oxidants, minerals. and vitamins, Perfect for recovery and optimum performance.


  Diagnostic Screening

Diagnostic Screening Panels Help Determine Your Most Pressing Needs


Our bodies are made up of multiple systems that all perform very complex tasks in synchrony to provide our overall normal functionality. Many people try to maintain harmony within their bodies with oral supplements and regimented diet, but it’s not always enough. Truly understanding your body’s individual needs with screening tests is highly advised to maintain optimal synchrony between all the organs and body systems. This may very well provide the info needed to find an IV therapy treatment best for your system’s needs.

At Replenish IV Solutions we value the importance of diagnostic screening panels. That’s why we are now offering diagnostic screenings to help you comprehend your body’s needs and what it may be lacking. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure a relaxed diagnostic screening session. To give you the most comprehensive approach to your wellness regimen, screening tests are available on-site. By diagnosing any vitamin or nutrient deficiencies you may have we can better assess what treatments are best for your individual needs. The screening could result in a life changing breakthrough for your overall well-being. Contact us today to book your diagnostic screening.


Restore Wellness

A Vitamin Infusion Drip Is The Perfect Solution

Hangovers Migraines Muscle Spasms

Cancer Prevention Anemia On Set Of Cold

Hashimotos • Inflammation Fatigue Fighter


Are you tired? Wanting to lose a few pounds? Enhance your performance or looking for overall health benefits?

A vitamin infusion drip is the perfect solution.



  Injection Therapy

Help Your Body Replace What It Needs For Recovery


Injection Therapy can help your body quickly benefit from missing vitamins and also provide you additional benefits.



B-12 Injection | Super B Injection | Lipo Imino Injection | Glutathione Injection

Alpha Lipoic Injection | Mic Injection | HCG Injection


Health & Wellness

Feel Your Best With This Signature Treatment


Our signature IV, the Refresher IV Drip, is a modified version of the famous Myers Cocktail IV drip. This is the core treatment we suggest for overall health and wellness because of the signature blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to maximize your body’s defenses and repair tissue. Book your appointment today!



Mega Viral drip | Acute Viral drip | Meyers Cocktail drip

Immunity drip | Vita Wellness drip | Pick me Up


Massage Therapy

Relief for Stress and Pain


Enhance Your Replenish IV Experience with On-Site Massage

What could enhance your experience at Replenish IV Solutions? Corporate Massage of Tampa is proud and pleased to partner with Replenish IV Solutions to provide on-site relief for stress and pain at their South Tampa location! We offer Massage Therapy treatments while you are receiving IV therapy or without an IV drip. Most clients choose between 30-60 minute Massage Therapy sessions; to help them reduce pain, relax, and mentally decompress while receiving their IV treatment. Massage therapy compliments and enhances IV therapy by facilitating blood flow, the IV solution will also travel faster to the targeted area of treatment.

Massage Therapy addresses tension and pain primarily in the upper body (back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands); but creates an allover sense of well-being. Longer sessions may include legs, and feet. The cost is $1 per minute of Massage Therapy; with a minimum of 30 minutes; and a maximum of 60 minutes per treatment (Gratuity is also much appreciated). Please review the many proven benefits of Massage therapy below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 813-515-6775. You may also email us at:



Fatigue Fighter

Stop Chronic Fatigue and Boost Your Overall Energy


Perfect for general or chronic fatigue and Dehydration, great for an overall boost.



Fatigue Fighter | Meyers Cocktail | Pick Me Up | Mega Energy


 Stem Cell Therapy

Failed Back Surgery | Arthritis | Tendon Tears | Migraines | Fracture Healing | Rotator Cuff Tear

Individualized Treatment To Help You Take Your Life Back

Replenish IV is one of Tampa Bay’s leaders in Stem Cell therapy with individualized treatment centered around compassion, sensitivity, and knowledge for patients. Regenerative therapy focuses on creating non-surgical options designed to restore normal anatomy over simply treating symptoms. Treatments are safe and done on an outpatient basis, assuring you minimal time lost as you work toward your successful outcome. Replenish IV can help you take your life back and re-capture the freedom you deserve.