Stem Cell Therapy

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Individualized Treatment To Help You Take Your Life Back

Replenish IV is one of Tampa Bay’s leaders in Stem Cell therapy with individualized treatment centered around compassion, sensitivity, and knowledge for patients. Regenerative therapy focuses on creating non-surgical options designed to restore normal anatomy over simply treating symptoms. Treatments are safe and done on an outpatient basis, assuring you minimal time lost as you work toward your successful outcome. Replenish IV can help you take your life back and re-capture the freedom you deserve.


Stem Cell Research Is Nothing New.

Regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal injury is a new, rapidly evolving field of medicine where the body rebuilds and regenerates itself. Regenerative medicine has been thrust into the limelight due to high profile athletes such as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, golfer Tiger Woods and football player Hines Ward utilizing regenerative treatment methods rather than undergoing surgery.

High-profile athletes garner all the attention when it comes to regenerative medicine, but they are not the only ones to benefit. Athletes, middle-age and elderly folks can certainly benefit from the variety of regenerative modalities that can seemingly turn back the clock and prevent the need for interventional procedures.

Stem cell therapy has been used in clinical settings for over 70 years for treatment on serious conditions like leukemia. In terms of pain management, stem cell research and therapy is still in its nascent form, but doctors are hopeful stem cells can take pain management and treatment to the next level.