Wedding Packages

Services for all aspects of your big day

Be Amazing on the Inside and Out

The Big Day

A proactive approach to look & feel your best for your special day. We’ll tailor a specific plan just for you, starting 30 days before the wedding date. This consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to make sure your immune system is strong, your skin is immaculate, and your energy levels are high.

Pre-Ceremony Recovery

Treat your bridesmaids & groomsmen to a well deserved recovery while everyone compares notes from the night before. Help everyone regain energy, rehydrate the crew, replenish important vitamins, alleviate headaches, counteract nausea, and reduce inflammation.

Wedding Package Bonuses



1 free IV (Bride OR Groom)
1 free add on for the group



2 free IV’s (Bride AND Groom)
1 free add on for the group



3 free IV’s (Bride, Groom, +1)
1 free add on for the group