About Us

Replenish Iv Solutions is Tampa’s Premier IV Therapy Provider.
Our Expertise and People Set Us Apart.

Stephen Gunnin

Stephen Gunnin is a managing partner of Replenish IV Solutions and emergency medical professional since 2004.
After completing a two year degree in business, Stephen changed his path to include FireMedic with 10+ years of field service, field training officer, and EMS educator.
After starting Replenish IV with his wife Lisa in 2014, Stephen is continuing his medical training as nurse practitioner specializing in holistic and all-natural medicine.
Tampa being his home since 1974, Stephen lives with his wife & high school dream-girl, best daughter ever Taylor, and four-legged rescue sweetheart, Cadence.

Lisa Gunnin

Lisa Gunnin is one of the managing partners of Replenish IV, a proactive wellness company based in Tampa that specializes in vitamin infusions.
Initially in the banking and finance industry, Lisa has been a successful finance manager, vice president of online marketing for a large regional bank, and a business manager for an international cosmetic company.
She is a proud mother of three boys and one girl, and lives in Tampa with her husband, wonderful daughter, and dog.